This Malus needs a bit of pruning. For historic reasons, the growth is very lop-sided. When the tree’s in full leaf it’s difficult to make the call as to where to thin it out, though it di... Read More

In Memoriam

The funeral was yesterday. Chesney was laid to rest in the shrubbery, too good for the compost bin. He has a memorial label. I admit that I shed a tear for the fighting fella. Grown from seeds given t... Read More


Deflated. vb. (past tense). What happens to you when one of your favourite bloggers decides to go into hibernation. Deflated. adj. Your condition having been deflated vb. (past tense). Grammar. ... Read More

Six on Saturday: 19 August

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Will I make it on Saturday, I wonder?  Damned broadband connection seems incapable of staying up for more than a few minutes. Yesterday, BT couldn’t find any fault. Today, they can see somethin... Read More