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Yesterday someone, as yet un-named so he’s an anonymous “someone”, took it upon himself to try to advance some cause by killing people as Westminster became a target for his delus... Read More

Mea Culpa

I’m not a fan of slug pellets. Nematodes are, generally, my friends (although there are those who suggest that if we use nematodes for anything we are upsetting the balance of nature, introducing al... Read More

Rewinding (Part 1)

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I failed last year! I mean failed! All my good intentions turned into failures. Well not all; only my blog and web site ones. I’d started fairly well and had even devised a little chain of posts... Read More

Happy Easter

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Well that’s the site backend rebuilt. If you’re using a PC you won’t see much difference but the site will now display a lot better on mobile devices (phones, tablets and so on). One... Read More