Plug Review 2016

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As regulars will know, I grow a lot (a hell of a lot) of annual bedding plants from plugs each year. I don’t have the hassle of germinating seeds and as the plugs arrive just as things are getti... Read More

The Boring Bit

At this time of the year, most of the blogs I follow are full of stories about planting out the chitted potatoes, protecting chillies from late frosts, netting over the emerging brassicas. All the exc... Read More


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I’ll get a refund. The supplier won’t hesitate. But I’ll never know whether it was bad packing at the nursery or bad handling by the courier. Just a shame that 3 boxes of plants, ea... Read More


Someone I know doesn’t particularly like camellias. This may be because of their tendency to drop blooms all the time or, if you want to avoid the dropped blooms, their need for constant deadhea... Read More

Sowing the Seed

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Up until last year (2014) I’d been a total coir freak (as regulars will know). Growing on in coir’s great but I had been mystified by reports of problems germinating seeds in coir as I’d always ... Read More