Rewinding (Part 1)

I failed last year!

I mean failed!

All my good intentions turned into failures.

Well not all; only my blog and web site ones. I’d started fairly well and had even devised a little chain of posts with a common theme – all titles started with “R”. But, it turned out, I got so far and then just got stuck on my Rs and the blog went quiet.

Aside from this blog, my web presence has other bits. Going back a few years, a botched move from one web hosting company to another resulted in my losing reams of html content and even more reams of Java components that made my old web site work. I’ve been ploughing through disks in the attic  and all sorts of strange places here at Chez Rivendell, trying to reassemble everything but with only partial success. So, faced with an inevitability, I decided to essentially start from scratch, rebuild and import what I could and gradually replace the rest.

Ah, you say, didn’t I back up? Yes, of course I did but the backups were not compatible with my new web hosting arrangement because I’d moved from a 100% Windows-based host to a 100% Linux/Apache one because of the greater flexibility it offered.

This isn’t a total digression as, having quietly plugged away for a couple of years, last year I was ready to start rebuilding not just the garden but my entire online presence.

I failed!

I took on too much, too quickly. The garden came first simply because it had to, as you will learn in subsequent parts of this retrospective series of posts. But for the web, I had lots of started but not finished bits and pieces.

Web-wise things have moved on a bit. Towards the top of this page you’ll see links to the sections of my gardening web site ( The “Main Gardening” site’s largely a mass of “Under Construction” graphics though the link to my library’s active and I’ve almost got my library sub-site ( up-to-date. My main, main site ( is slowly getting there. The cat ( is itching at the bit and will probably get round to dictating a post or two shortly.

But at least I’ve got this blog going again. First things first – I’ll bring you up-to-date on garden developments.

To be continued in part 2.

4 thoughts on “Rewinding (Part 1)

  1. You wanna be very careful being stuck on your Rs in this chilly weather.

    1. Very true! But I got stuck on the Rs last year. I may be still on my Rs but at least I have movement.

    1. Thank you, kind sir. This time round (and with the benefit of a backlog), I’ve taken a leaf out of your book and indulged in the art of scheduling. If the weather holds up (or, more accurately, down), I should have a couple of months’ worth of posts finished before I can walk on the lawn again.

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