Weekend Weblink: 31 January

OK, so I’ve had a brilliant idea for upping my blogging rate. I’m going to pinch some other blogs.

Not really! In one of those revealing moments you get while standing naked in front of a full-length mirror, it occurred to me that you, dear reader, might be interested in broadening your range of blogs to read and so it would be an idea to have a weblink of the month. When I looked at the list of blogs I like to check out regularly, it was obvious that, at the rate of one a month, I had about 30 years’ worth of links to share. So “month” became “week”.

Rather than make yet another list like that, I thought I’d have a “blog of the month” feature in which I’d link to someone else’s blog in the hope that, if you didn’t already follow it, you might have a gander. Some of my links will be to new blogs; some to established blogs with a level of expertise sufficient to sow 100 year old sweet pea seeds on Alpha Centauri (if you’d bought them from Higgledy Garden, they’d probably germinate too!). Other links may be to humorous  blogs; there may even be a link or two to a non-garden blog. For “blog” also read “or web site”. This’ll be my regular Sunday feature.

To start the ball rolling, this week’s link is to The Beginner’s Gardening Blog. It’s good to start at the beginning, I think.

The blog’s three months old as I write. It’s written by a beginner and looks targeted at other beginners but is full of little snippets of information and is a nice light, fun read. I’m reminded of Laetitia Maklouf’s book Sweet Peas for Summer. This is, perhaps, smaller scale Laetitia. And it’s regularly updated with topical content.

Sometimes it’s good to wind the clock back a bit to the days when we were all beginners; after all, everyone had to start somewhere.

If you’re starting out with your garden, join the author of this blog on her journey down the road of gardening with an eye for the costs involved and doing things in a way that you can take with you if you move to a new home.

If you’re an old fogey like me, just put your feet up and join that journey to revel in the joys of youth and remind yourself how good things used to be when you could still get up from a kneeling position without the aid of a winch .

There’s an associated Twitter account at Budget_Gardener.