Weekend Weblink: 7 February

I was reading an article by Dan Snow the other day (those who know me will know that I like articles/programmes by Dans) in which he bemoaned those that criticise Twitter. A lot of what he wrote gelled with me because I’ve made lots of friends on Twitter and may have met more of them than him! I’ve met, in person, people from the USofA, Australia, Germany, France, Ireland as well as from all over the UK.

Others who I’ve not yet met in the flesh have still found their way into the group that I call “friends” rather than “followers”. We may have got just that little bit closer because of a shared interest in a particular plant or plant variety. And today’s weekend weblink is to the blog of one such person.

When I think of daylilies, I think of two people who I’ve “met” on Twitter. One is Pollie. She sells daylilies via her web site. I’ve bought loads from her and the quality is consistently good; I’d even say great! The other is a chap over in Ireland by the name of Hugh Cassidy (aka Horti Hugh if he hasn’t changed his handle yet again). Hugh blogs. His blog is currently Garden and Gardening (he has a habit of changing the title of that more frequently than he changes his Twitter handle!).

No doubt, before long, Hugh and I will start gently ribbing each other about who has the best daylily display this year (he also buys his plants from Pollie). But in the meantime, his blog is full of his experiences, of hints, tips, his ups and downs and general chit-chat.

It’s a fun read so why not pop over and say “Hi”. Oh, and if you want daylilies, you could do worse than visit Pollie’s web site. And then, maybe, next year you can join in the gentle “mine’s bigger than yours” banter between Hugh and me.

And, you may realise, you’ve got two weblinks for the price of one today!