Weekend Weblink: 21 February

It’s nice to be in a minority occasionally. And I find I’m in one because old Ben Higgledy, curator of the Higgledy Garden, is convinced that over 90% of his customers are female. Indeed he goes further and estimates that only 6% or so are male with a small group of indeterminate sex remaining.

higgledy-1When he was a young hippy, Ben Higgledy, having totally misunderstood the meaning of “pot”, made it his mission to grow the finest cut flowers known to man in order to impress the ladies. He also sold seeds and used to while away the hours not watching the telly (he didn’t own one until recently) but, instead, carefully hand counting seeds into the little brown envelopes hand-stamped with the famous Higgledy logo (version 1) and then hand-written with the name of the seed variety they contained.

Higgledy seed packet stamps
Higgledy seed packet stamps

But time has taken its toll. Roll forward thirty years or so and the business has grown and so has Ben’s waistline, no doubt helped by a stringent diet of Cornish pasties and beer. No more are the seed packets hand-written; the original hand stamp now shares a shelf with stamps for each variety of seed he sells. But he still eschews impersonal things like printed invoices; each delivery of seed is sent out in a hand-written envelope and accompanied by a hand-written letter. Sometimes he even gets the order right (such an event usually follows a period where Ben also eschews the fifth pint of beer of the day).

To support his low-tech operation, Ben has developed one of the most entertaining web sites operated by anyone selling anything this side of Alpha Centauri (he’s given up impressing the ladies it seems).

And he still doesn’t understand the meaning of “pot”.

Higgledy pots
Higgledy pots

OK, there’s the shop bit but in that the descriptions of what the seeds will turn into are written with style and wit. And, in my experience the percentage of the seeds that do turn out like their photographs is only a little pip short of 100%. I even get around 80% germination on 3-year-old seeds (I consider myself lucky to get that rate with brand new seeds from other suppliers).

But that’s not all! The bit of the site that isn’t the shop is packed full of growing guides and information about the plants. You can’t go wrong. Ben’s really gone flat out (after the sixth pint of the day) to make growing flowers from seed easy and FUN!

So pop over to the Higgledy Garden web site and have a browse.

You’ll be sorry if you don’t.

Photos used in this blog post are copyright Higgledy Garden and are used with the kind permission of the General Manager Mr F. Face.

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    1. Thanks. I’m actually trying to find a style that’s somewhere between long-winded and flippant! I’ll get there and settle down soon.

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