Bombed By Crabs: Tree Following April 2017

Thanks, as usual, to Squirrelbasket for hosting this meme.

This is the time of year when my malus suddenly springs into new growth, bombing unsuspecting passers-by as it rids itself of any remaining remnants of the fruits that have given it all those red dots through the winter and generated all the blackbird poop that, in turn, has led to daily car cleaning operations. Now it’s a daily sweeping and shovelling operation as I collect a little bucketful*  of fruits in varying stages of hardness or decomposition. It’s surprising how hard the hard ones are as they bounce off your head!

Almost overnight the branches went from bare to lushly green. The newly sprouting foliage has a brightness which only lasts for a few weeks before a more mundane green takes over. The header photograph doesn’t do justice to that sprouting green.

Pre-foliage bareness
Almost overnight the bare branches get covered in bright green leaves
A few days later and the tree is smothered in bright pink pearls – the new flower buds
Some of last year’s rotting fruits refuse to budge. They’ll fall off eventually. The birds have moved elsewhere. I can clean the car!

The new season of growth is well and truly harbinged (I may have invented that word but I like it).


Masterplast Invisible Aqua Plasters. Get them while they’re still there. Pound shops don’t seem to have long-term stock lines.

While I’m waiting, I’m going to offer an unsolicited product review. I never accept “gifts” to review. I don’t know about you but one of my biggest bugbears is plasters. Those things you stick on your finger when you tear the knuckle open on a rose thorn in the vain hope that they will stop blood gushing all over everything you approach. Those things that generally fall off ten seconds later. Well I’ve found the ultimate in sticking plasters. One that I forgot I was wearing (well it is supposed to be “invisible”) until the end of the following day. It had stayed stuck through a day and a half of gardening and two showers (the bathroom type) whilst I’d forgotten it was on! A chance purchase in Poundland. A quid for 24 plasters that stay put. I’m not complaining.

* The local DIY place that supplies all my gardening needs sells little 2-litre buckets; they’re really for painters and decorators but they’re so damned useful for other things like slug drownings in salted water.

8 thoughts on “Bombed By Crabs: Tree Following April 2017

  1. Excellent update – and I like Lippy the Lion, is that your family coat of arms on his shield?
    I will definitely try to get some of those plasters from Poundland on my travels.
    Have a great Spring.
    All the best 🙂

    1. I doubt I could afford the family coat of arms engraved. Though we do have one. The Latin bit translates roughly as “The gift of a king is a gift indeed” or “The king’s gift is a good gift” depending on which side of the family you belong to.

      Lippy was named by neighbours’ toddler daughter when he first arrived here. And that started a tradition of namings. I now have Colin the eagle, a birdbath supported by a cherub named Tom and a Roman goddess named Nipples (this seemed better than the exclamation of a young lad which was something like “Oh look! Titties!” And, of course, the flamingo watering can (courtesy of Gill Heavens over at Off the Edge Gardening) who goes by the name of Flora. There is a secret door to the asylum at the bottom of the garden (next to the flowering cherry named “Pinkie” after the dog buried beneath it).

    1. Well I hope you are referring to colchicums and not your wife and daughters staging a bacchanalia :). Or maybe three lion statues ……

  2. Lovely photo of the blossom buds and the old fruit. Looks like you have got the hang of your new camera. Who is the naked woman in the pre-foliage photo?

    1. Uh, nope. That was the best of about 27 “recordings” and took about half an hour to get from camera to PC! I am, though, jealous of new camera. I flick the zoom lever and watch a growing proboscis emerge from the front of the body. I think back to my youth. If only …..

      And that’s not a naked lady. That’s Lippy (they all have names here). He usually holds sway over my massed bedding display. As in the header pic of this old post:

      One day I will match your photographic ability. Maybe …..

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