Six on Saturday – 17 June

Fellow blogger The Propagator has a meme going with the theme of “Six on Saturday” – six things going on in the garden. I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon this week. Don’t know if I’ll manage a weekly six-pack but I hope to join in at least once a month. So here’s my six.

I saw this hydrangea in the Hayloft catalogue last year and it seemed a bit different – more of a column than the normal types. So I bought a couple. So far, so good and coming into flower much earlier than my other ones.


I have several astrantias in different colours but I think this red one is my favourite. A profuse bloomer and usually manages a second flush after a cut-down.


My first daylily bloom of the year. Almost all of my daylilies, two very young ones being the exceptions, have produced several scapes so I’m hopeful of a lot of lovely blooms.


Ok, this is cheating, I’ll call it “6b”. This is another daylily, scaping well as if it’s maturing. But I’ve never planted a daylily here, nor did one appear here last year. It’s a complete mystery.


Alstroemeria, probably my favourite flower. I have approaching 20 or so of these. They need little care and flower profusely from May to November. I think another alstroemeria post is called for.


Every year I’ve grown lupins but have never got them through a winter. Until now when they’ve decided to put on a good show. (And I know, more alstroemeria)


And finally, another something I try every year – nepeta. My problem here is different – resident cat loves to curl up on the emerging shoots in spring for a nap and after a couple of hours of cat-squishing, they’re all broken off. This year I’ve tried growing a smaller variety which you can get as bedding plants (though they are perennials). Not supposed to attract cats. Planted yesterday. Squished overnight. Oh well …….


And I have sneaked in a number 7 in the header image. Rose “Rhapsody in Blue” is now covered in fully-formed flowers and buds waiting to burst open. The sweet scent is wonderful too.

So there we go. Enjoy Saturday in the garden.

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10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 17 June

  1. Love the lupins. Don’t have any at the moment, must rectify that next year. Great to see your Six (8), hope to see you again!!

    1. ‘Scuse me. I can count, hence 6b and the header image which wasn’t part of the 6. One day I’ll get through to PC that unless he stops squishing plants he won’t have the nip any more!

    1. Well hello sister. Thanks for finally calling in. Heleniums would possibly be a contender for favourite if I could get them to grow properly here. I’ve always had them in any garden I’ve had but now, for some reason, have to treat them almost as annuals. I suspect the soil is too heavy but am digging in loads of light stuff this year in the large border and will try again next year.

  2. Nice lupins, sir. I only grow the lovely L. ‘The Governor’ but actually your mix looks mighty fine. My heart bleeds for your nepeta but that’s catnip for you! Thankfully there are no cats at The Priory. D

    1. And thank yooooo sir. No swanky posh lupins here, just your common or garden Gallery series. Well, I wasn’t expecting them to come up again this year so why spend lots? I’m on the lookout for some sturdy wire type hanging baskets (preferably galvanised or corten steel, not the green coated ones) to use as upside down, tent-pegged into the ground, nepeta protecta (name patent pending) things.

    1. Great minds think alike. As you may have seen from my reply to David Marsden, I’m looking for some wire baskets for that purpose. I’m just being choosy – not old ones but ones which will look good on a permanent basis as they’ll never move!

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