Six on Saturday – 24 June

As my back has stopped play for the day, I thought I’d have a second go at The Propagator‘s six things in the garden on Saturday meme.

My new “Peace” rose has flowered. I love the way the buds are pink and the rose opens pink tinged yellow with the pink gradually fading away as the bloom matures.


I have, at last, a singke Lathyrus odorata (sweet pea when I’m not trying to impress) flower. I think I may have a few more by the middle of the week. Get your skates on!


I have several Dierama, aka Angel’s Fishing Rods, planted around the pond. In shades of pink and white. They resolutely refuse to dangle over the water though.


This is Alstroemeria Friendship flowering in its first year. I won the plant in a Hardy Plant Society raffle at the end of April when it was tiny. But it’s grown away really well.


These are not oriental lilies which is what I ordered from T&M. I didn’t want asiatics. I got my money back. The first lot of blooms were bright orange and I’m not a fan of too much orange! This lot of blooms are a more attractive red and yellow(ish) colour and it looks like a third lot will follow in pale cream. But they lack the better colouration and scent of orientals.


And finally, I’d like to show you my red pelargoniums. They should all look uniformly, well, red like the flower in the header photo (which is clearly not in my garden). Guess where they came from. Oh well

And that’s all folks. See you soon.

4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 24 June

  1. I’ve had the same with T&M, they are very cheap but you “pays your money, you take your chance”, worth a risk sometimes. Sorry to hear that your back is bad, all those blooming bedding plants are to blame! Take it easy x

    1. Thanks Gill. It was a ladder wot broke while I was up it several years ago wot caused the bad back; flares up now and then and I just have to take it easy. T&M have got better of late though, to be honest, I wouldn’t go beyond bedding with them now. Their garden ready bedding plants are really good (trays of 30) if you keep your nerve and don’t order until they appear on ridiculous offers (today you could get 60 New Guinea Impatiens for a fiver). xx

  2. Nice one John. Hope your back is better soon. I still haven’t won a plant in the HPS raffle, despite calling the numbers out…

    1. Thanks. Back’s a recurring problem since a ladder broke under me a few years ago. I’m supposed to take painkillers before doing anything but I’m trying to do without. I’ve been through a phase this year. Won a prize in 4 successive raffles. The last was my first as Chair but at least I didn’t draw the ticket. And the next winner really wanted the plant I’d chosen so I let her have it and chose the alstroemeria instead. Which sort of delivered me from criticism.

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