Six on Saturday: 22 July

Saturday’s come round again with its usual vigour. It only seems like a week ago that I was sending my last update to the interwebs.  The number of bloggers joining in is growing. You’ll find links to the other posts over at the blog of The Propagator, to whom all praise and thanks go for coming up with the idea in the first place and continuing to host the meme.

And so, here are my six for today.


This is one of those tender fuchsias. The ones you either nurture indoors through the winter or sacrifice to the falling temperatures. It’s one of 10 I have in a wall planter outside the breakfast room which I planted up some 18 years ago. And all it gets is water and a bit of plant food once I’ve planted up my other wall planters by about June each year and can turn the irrigation system on. So much for tender! And so much for demanding for I will not have watered the planter between late October and mid June; it’s only moisture coming from the elements from which it is largely protected by the roof overhang. It’s become a “thing” just to see how it does given total neglect.


Another tender fuchsia. This one is really tender. I’ve bought a couple every year but have never been able to get them through winter in the greenhouse. This is a first. Both survived and both are now coming into flower. What’s so special about these? The variety is “Rivendell”. Some things you just have to have.


This is more of an event than a plant. Last week I was talking about digging up this dwarf, 6 foot (now 7), buddleia as I’d never seen a butterfly anywhere near it save for a couple of cabbage whites. But this week saw the launch of the “Save Our Buddleia” campaign. The thing was suddenly covered with peacocks. This one stayed still long enough to get a clear photo but I have lots of blurry ones. OK, so the bush may get a reprieve.


Finally the oriental lilies are flowering. The air is full of scent and the bin is full of anthers. I have lots of these orientals and they each have their individual patterning. This one has added spots; it’s nearby sibling doesn’t.


And the last of the mystery daylilies has flowered. I had thought that this one was actually part of another as the fans seemed to be attached. But no. This one is orange. So though I thought I had two mystery plants, I seem to have three. And there may be a fourth as the buds on one yet to open look different to anything else.


But this is a named variety – Beautiful Edgings. And you can see why. The only variety of daylily yet to flower is Bud Producer. Though it’s a late one, I don’t think it’ll oblige me this year as there are no signs of scapes forming on either of mine. But I’m not complaining as I still have a lot in flower and a lot of buds waiting to burst.


So there we go for this week. See you again in a week, or in seven days, whichever comes first. Until then, enjoy your garden.

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 22 July

  1. Fuchsias are such good value plants from here on. I purchased two ‘Winston Churchill ‘ from Morrisons ( I know shame on me) in March for the princely sum of £1.50 each, they are now full of bloom.

    1. Nowt wrong with Waitrose if you can afford their prices. And their gardening range is probably better-grown than a lot of the stuff you find in garden centres. Winston’s a lovely colour. That one, though, is Voodoo. Similar but, I believe, American-bred so not as classy. 🙂 Winston gets better over-winter care and is currently flowering away in another planter.

    1. Thank you sir. Hope all’s well with you since your return from the eastern Eurozone. When will you be restarting your blog? Anxiously waiting here 🙂

    1. Thanks Gill. At the mo, the orange day lily is a single fan but once id starts to increase, I’ll be splitting it up (I already have potential splits on one of the yellow mysteries) and will be offering them to anyone who wants to take them forward. I just really want to know how these mystery plants got there. Really!

  2. For a moment there I thought with Fuchsia Rivendell you’d reminded me of a plant I’d lost without noticing, but I was confusing it with Galadriel, which I still have. Must go and see if it’s doing anything. I could do with a buddleja, Heleniums are my main butterfly attractors.

    1. Hi Brigid. If bud’s attracting butterflies at long last then it’s earning its place rather than just being a large bearer of nondescript foliage with some purple bits at the ends. I’m hoping for a bit more variety though, not just peacocks.

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