Happy Easter

Well that’s the site backend rebuilt. If you’re using a PC you won’t see much difference but the site will now display a lot better on mobile devices (phones, tablets and so on).

One added feature is that in addition to following the blog by RSS, you can now subscribe to email alerts. Indeed, some have managed to do this while the site’s been offline – by fluke they must have visited in one of the short periods where it was back up for testing! So welcome to my first subscribers. I don’t know who you are, by the way! The subscription element is handled by wordpress.com, not by my own web hosting company, and is “confidential”.

I’ve restored the blog content save for a couple of items that I’m updating a bit and will repost shortly. I also have one garden review to finish (I’ve been writing and rewriting it on and off for about 9 months now!) and my book reviews to upload and I’ll get round to all of these in the next week or two.

But the sun’s out; I’ve acquired a nice warm pullover and I’m off to do a bit of gardening.

Have a good Easter break.