Pretty Flamingo

When Manfred Mann released Pretty Flamingo I was 12. I’m a bit older now but I still have a pretty flamingo. This is thanks to Gill Heavens, who sent her to live with me after I jokingly commented on her (Gill’s) blog that I’d give her (flamingo) a home. And so Flora appeared in my greenhouse. Flora Flamingo, see? All the ffs. It’s only “ffs” cos Manfred Mann were signed to EMI. If they’d been signed to the Decca label it would have been “fffs”. Oh, come on people, don’t you remember the record company logos?

Like every Mum, Gill occasionally checks up on her (Flora). Yesterday and today I’ve been potting up a mix of bare root plants, cuttings and seedlings. And Flora, with her single spout at the top of her nose, has proved her worth. Enough of a flow to settle the compost in pots without, as a big watering can would, wasting water everywhere if I use a rose or, if I don’t, producing such a flow as to bounce the compost out of the pots. Flora’s been a big help.

No doubt Mum will be pleased.

This post is part of my “Fill the Gill Heavens Gap” series. Gill is currently vacationing in a derelict badger sett and subsisting on a diet of cheese and onion crisps. Normal service will be resumed over at Off the Edge Gardening when the gin supplies run out.

7 thoughts on “Pretty Flamingo

  1. When ever I see the Flamingo watering can I think of the film Nomeo and Juliet, if you haven’t seen it it’s well worth watching. A story of two warring gardening nome families starring two Flamingos!

    1. Haha! If you look carefully you can just see the filling hole at the back of the handle. Above the “tail” and therefore above the area which I guess you’re thinking of.

  2. I am pleased, she looks very happy and I’m glad to hear that she had been behaving herself. Now I can happily snuggle back down in the sett and pour myself another G & T.

    1. I’m surprised you have to pour a drink. I’d expected you to have connected yourself to an intravenous drip by now.

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