Pay attention in class, please! I’m talking about inconsistence, not incontinence. The former isn’t a real word; the latter is what poor Gill Heavens may be suffering after a couple of weeks living on a diet of nothing other than cheese and onion crisps and gin.

No, it’s the inconsistency of cold. For a few nights in the last week, the front garden has been frozen overnight with the thermometer recording temperatures of minus a degree or two Celsius (which is at least a shorter word than “centigrade” I suppose). At the back of the house temperatures have been low but positive.

This morning, I was greeted by a sheet of ice floating on the top of the water in a half-barrel water feature in the back garden. The inconsistent bit is that the other two fountains, the pond, the bird bath and a couple of buckets with some water in them were all ice-free.

As was the front garden, which only dropped to +6C overnight.

Which is what inconsistency is.

This post is part of my “Fill the Gill Heavens Gap” series. Gill is currently vacationing in a derelict badger sett and subsisting on a diet of cheese and onion crisps and protesting (too much I wonder) that this diet is not inducing flatulence. Normal service will be resumed over at Off the Edge Gardening when the gin supplies run out. Tomorrow is Saturday. That means “Six on Saturday” day. I suppose I’ll have to fill in for Ms H twice. SoS posts are at 8am in the morning. I’ll be back at 6pm on Sunday with the next in abstentia post.