The Mystery Creature: Revealed

I thought you’d get it.

Some of you did.

Unsurprisingly they were all fellas.

I was asked what plant I’d found it on. Someone was interested in the blue slime trail – had it moved across my hand quickly? Was I squeamish about it?

There were a couple of suggestions as to places I could post the image to see if anyone could identify it.

Why had I called it “Gillette”.

The clue was in the name.

Tomorrow I have to find six things in the garden to blog about. I predict failure. The goddess has it in for me.


This post is part of my “Fill the Gill Heavens Gap” series. Gill is currently vacationing in a derelict badger sett and subsisting on a diet of cheese and onion crisps and protesting (too much methinks) that this diet is not inducing flatulence. Normal service will be resumed over at Off the Edge Gardening when the gin supplies run out.