The End of the Intermission

Did the gin run out?

Were the effects of the diet of nothing other than cheese and onion crisps such that, without adequate ventilation, the badger sett became uninhabitable?

Did the badgers come home, albeit briefly, before re-re-locating to somewhere less odorous?

I am now singing a certain Elton John song to myself. And it’s not “Candle in the Wind.”

That might risk an explosion.

My “fill the Gill Heavens gap” series of posts, however inadequate, has now ended.

I leave you with Sir Elton.

2 thoughts on “The End of the Intermission

    1. You could start with the far older association of the word with the goddess (another one) Artemis (not to be confused with Callisto but also known as Diana when she wasn’t really Jupiter having a go at cross-dressing in order to seduce Callisto, not to be confused with Artemis except by those who called her Artemis instead of Callisto) who was able to transform herself into, among other things, a female hunting dog. Then it meant “vigorous” or “beautiful”. In more modern times, rappers use it to mean “desirable”. You could also argue that a human female who eats meat is a bitch whilst one who is a vegetarian is not (a bitch), given that one definition of the word is of a carnivorous female of an animal species. 😉

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