Four Thousand and Eighty on Saturday: 27 October 2018

I now have all the Six on Saturday source material I need for the next thirteen years. So far. I like to plan ahead you see. Without further ado, let’s away.

1: Winter-Spring Bedding

I’ve got to get round to planting this lot quickly now. There’s 600 of them. Hey another two years’ worth of sixes.

2: A Little Project

This little beastie will be getting exercised over the weekend (hard at it by the time you read this). New driveway and a patio area beside Ed 3.

3: Gladiolus callianthus

Used to be Acidanthera murielae. Not sure which name I prefer. Can’t remember planting them either. I think they hitch-hiked in a pack of other Gladiolus bulbs.

4: Rose

If the frosts continue to hold off, I may have rose blooms for some time yet. ‘Poetry in Motion’ is currently making an effort with a fair number of buds in reserve.

5: Cyclamen

Got this lot as a bargain buy. Something else I need to get in the ground quickly.

6 – 4075: Bits

Not including the boxes or pallets, wraps or straps. Took me five hours to unload the two pallets and organise everything. I have not yet counted the brackets and screws which will probably be sufficient for a few months more of sixes. Come to think of it, I haven’t counted the Haribo. Nor the individual bits inside 50 bags of alpine grit that turned up this week.


Boundless Scottish generosity

I may be gone a while, what with all the counting I have to do. While I concentrate on that, why not pass some time looking at the other sixes which you will find neatly indexed over at the blog of the seed-sowing maniac who goes by the alias “Mr Propagator”. Maybe, one day, Granny will post a photo of him prancing around tending his seedlings in a multi-coloured leotard.

19 thoughts on “Four Thousand and Eighty on Saturday: 27 October 2018

    1. The Haribo are all for me. They are a reward for edifice building. I normally allow myself one as a reward for each 15 minutes of work (unless available quantities dictate otherwise).

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing E3… Already interested in the first edifices,this one should be bigger I guess, isn’t it?
    Stunning cyclamen otherwise, dark pink or red? a flashy color certainly !
    Is it you who will drive the shovel and build the edifice ?.. Good luck for your back …

    1. E3 will be the biggest overall though less complicated than its predecessors. The cyclamen are a mix so could cover pink through to bright scarlet. I’ll have to wait and see. I did play with the digger but then concentrated on Ed3 whilst the people who know how did the drive work.

  2. You are always so busy, I get exausted just thinking about it! Might have to have a haribo to revive myself. So looking forward to seeing E3, each one bigger and better. By the way, you can’t roll over sixes from one week to the next, that is the rules (which I have just invented). Hope your back/shoulder is holding up. 🙂

    1. I’ve got two layers of the back and one end of Ed3 done without a single Haribo. Couldn’t start till lunchtime due to flying bits as the workmen jackhammered away at it. Drive is finished. Tomorrow a bit of patio laying. The body’s doing fine thanks. How’s the roof?

      1. Glad to hear it. Roof needs more rain to test it out. Which of course I don’t want for work reasons, but the scaffolding will stay until we know.

  3. Where are all the primula-y/spring bedding plants going? My mind boggles at a space that’d take 600 plants. Simply love photos 3, 4, & 5. Those cyclamen are shocking! In the best possible way, of course.

    1. One bed (about 150 of them) and a lot of wall planters for the rest. Thanks for the photo liking. Bit of cyclamen planting tomorrow methinks.

  4. How did you know #1 son-in-law wears that in the garden? Moving on, I was going to put some of my garden equipment in this week’s Six but your digger made mine seem so inferior that I decided not to bother. I am hoping the roses keep going a little longer, yours are still looking good. Good luck with the new driveway and patio.

    1. I’ve got a couple of sixes planned to cover the tool chest when there’s not much else to see over winter. But you’ll be safe next week at least. As to roses, it’s all up to Jack Frost. But I’m hoping as we don’t usually get bad frosts until mid November.

    1. I’m aiming to get all the big stuff done this side of Christmas while the body still responds! Next year will just be pottering about.

  5. We had our first frost last night. Just wondering what your timescale is for building, layng, planting … estimated final completion date is?

    1. I’m estimating about 12-15 hours of actual building time, spread over a week or so (there are other things to do like planting out the bedding). I’ll fill it gradually through the winter and plant it up in the spring once the soil has settled. I’ll be starting once the drive people have finished getting the old drive up (avoiding flying things as they cut it up).

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