Six on Saturday: 18 May 2019

Here we are again. Another Saturday, another six. This will be my last Six before I join the ranks of the truly aged though, it seems, I have to wait till next February to claim my state pension and be truly an “OAP”. I am reminded that, during the gap between my 18th and 21st birthdays, society decided to start celebrating the 18th as the transition to adulthood. By the time I got to 21 it was an anti-climax. Now, it seems, I am to suffer the same limbo period. Oh well! As I retired some years ago, I suppose it won’t matter.

Still, on with the motley (assuming my zimmer frame holds up)……..

1 This Week’s Mystery Plant

(See PS below for last week’s).

This little beauty has reared her head in the middle of my now-getting-larger patch of Welsh poppies. I have absolutely no idea what she is but even if she turns out to be some rampant weed, she’s still a beauty and I have no intention of deliberately ending her existence.

Photograph of mystery weed plant


2 Geranium × oxonianum ‘Wargrave Pink’

Another of my perennial geraniums has come into flower. Which makes four down, three to go. This little beauty is a reliable ground cover plant; so reliable that I think she’s going to have to be more than halved in size soon.

Photo of Geranium × oxonianum 'Wargrave Pink'


3 Saxifraga x urbium ‘London Pride’

I’m giving you three Saxifrages this week. London Pride photobombed one of my Heuchera (see PPS) last week but she has now come into her own and deserves her own slot.

Photo of Saxifraga x urbium 'London Pride'

4 Saxifraga aureopunctata

Different plant. Different flowers. This one prefers a shadier spot according to the plant Magi. But mine is not that much shadier and she does fine.

Photo of Saxifraga aureopunctata

5 Saxifraga ‘Southside Seedling’

Last week this was a newly-introduced resident of Mini-Ed 4 and featured in a composite photo of all occupiers. I predicted a couple of future sixes coming but didn’t expect to see anything looking this good so quickly. The difference between the three Saxifrages is, of course, all in the flowers.

Photo of Saxifraga 'Southside Seedling'

6 Melittis ‘Royal Velvet Distinction’

Next door neighbour to S. aureopunctata and perhaps in just a bit more shade. But lovin’ it.

Photo of Melittis 'Royal Velvet Distinction'

That’s my six for this week. Who knows what I’ll come up with next week (I don’t to be honest).  The garden is now a mass of new little plants that haven’t really got into strutting their stuff yet. But meanwhile, please pop across to our Mr Propagator’s place where, at the rear (aka bottom) end of his six of the day, you will find copious links to other sixes which are sure to have you reaching for your plant want list in order to lengthen it.

PS. Last week’s mystery plant was an Euphorbia. I suspected that but was ruling it out simply because I had no idea where it could have come from if it was one of those. Several commenters offered possibilities and I’m still researching the variety I’ve got. Maybe by next week I’ll know so watch this space.

PPS. I found the planting records of the three Heuchera I couldn’t actually name last week. All now labelled so I don’t forget again. OK, Lora? For any others interested:

Number 1 is Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’





Bright red Heuchera

Number 2 is Heuchera ‘Southern Comfort’ – my favourite tipple so I should have remembered this!





Heuchera with green foliage patterned purple

Number 3 is Heuchera ‘Green Spice’ (correctly identified by Noelle in last week’s comments).







10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 18 May 2019

  1. You’re looking very in the pink this week John. That mystery flower is a looker. Red campion, I believe.

  2. Lovely saxifrages, they such wonderful flowers. I love London Pride. That mystery plant is very, well, mysterious. Looking forward to finding out what is it. The foliage does look a bit campiony. Happy birthday!

  3. The mystery plant looks like Red Camion to me, we have loads of the stuff in the lanes here and I even have some in my garden. Melittis ‘Royal Velvet Distinction’ is rather pretty. I have never heard of that one. Welcome to the world of the blood-sucking pensioner, we are to blame for the state of the planet, the state of the economy and the demise of the health service. Just letting you know.

  4. I like your geranium. I also introduced one of mmine this week. I have another but not yet flower.
    No idea for your unknown plant, but I read that you already had proposals ..
    OAP for Old Age Person? Is there an age for this?
    In French “OAP” means “Oedeme aigü du poumon ” aka ” Acute Pulmonary Edema”

  5. Wait til the magpies swoop down & steal your plant labels. Of course, you could turn out better’n you started, as they often leave something in return. This week, ours left us a plug-in air freshener. Not sure what they’re trying to say.

  6. That’s a lovely mystery to have! A lot of my beds are full off things that may be weeds or things I planted. I am terrible at seedling identification! Or, if it’s bulbs, I forget I planted them months before and think they’re weeds!

  7. 3 Saxifragas wow. This week you are really spoiling us. I have restored Southside Seedling/Star as well. Royal Distinction has got to be one of my favourite plants….although I seem to have a lot of favourite plants.

  8. I must look for my London Pride and give it the space and attention it deserves. Like your perennial geraniums.

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