Six on Saturday: 23 May 2020 – Roses Grow on You

*Gently peers around door*. Uh, folks, remember me? It’s been a year but, like the proverbial bad penny, I’m back. Or is it like the prodigal son whose return causes much joy and celebration? Or, in Devon, a collective sigh of “Here we go again”.

I suppose it’s appropriate that, just as my last blog post was a Six, the first on my re-awakening is also a Six. I have been reading, of course, and all praise and thanks to Prop, the creator, must be given for managing to keep the motley crew (including Devonians) under control. If you haven’t already, pop across to the blog of our Glorious Leader to feast your fancies on other contributions from the growing SoS community.

So off we jolly well go, without further ado (except for oldies who may appreciate the casual reference to Norman Vaughan in the title of this post)….

I’m doing roses this week.

Photo of Rose "Peace"

My first is my favourite rose – “Peace”. This particular specimen has a place in my heart as it was planted in memory of someone. We know it as “Peace” but its formal name is “Rosa ‘Madame A. Meilland”. It has an interesting history, involving war as well as peace. I’ll leave you to look it up.

Rose "Prince William"

Number 2 is “Prince William”. I’m not sure if that’s the second-in-line or some other Prince William. It grows in a straggly sort of way and could probably do as a climber though I let it run free as a rambler, which it probably isn’t really. Still, it’s reliable. No discernable scent but a good flowerer.

Rose "Peek-a-Boo"

Number 3 is “Peek-a-Boo”. Well that’s what was on the label when I was given it. A weird sort of plant really. Impossible to contain, however hard I prune. It forms a big bush and, once it gets out of bed, flowers profusely, tangles into itself and is left to run rampant until I chop it down in the autumn. Impossible to dead-head without removing half-a-dozen buds. I just leave it alone.

Rose Wild Edric

There may be something in the soil. I don’t know. The books say that number 4, a.k.a. Wild Edric, is a hedging rose. Well if I wanted a hedge of roses I’d aim for about 3 feet tall, not the 6 feet that Edric grows to every year. But whatever, he knows what “profusion” means. From early April through to whenever, I can guarantee at least a dozen blooms at a time on what has become an almost fastigiate bush rose. I just decided to let Eddie have his way and go on up.

Rose Love and Wishes

The guy whom we all know as The Prop is a regular visitor to the pity benches in “the sheds”. Me, not so much. But number 5 was an aquisition from the deceased table at my local B&Q (where the living tables don’t look that different). One of two pity purchases, the other of which died. This one, though, has done OK. Rose “Love and Wishes”, a.k.a. Number 5, is definitely alive.

Buds of rose "Rhapsody in Blue"

Harrumph! I share this rose with a certain Devonian (you will, perhaps, appreciate a certain connection which is due to a matriarch being more sensible and living just up the road here in Wales). “Rhapsody in Blue” is usually the first of my roses to flower. This year, she’s tardy so won’t be getting fruit cup (cue another shady reference to Cloris Leachman in the Mel Brooks’ film “High Anxiety”. Do keep up, people). So you get buds and not blooms. But a man’s gotta do and all that so she still makes up the sixth of my six.

So that wasn’t so bad really. I made it through. For those that might be interested:

  • Since my last post, I’ve had 2 birthdays
  • Since my last post, my waist measurement did go up but has returned to its statutory 32″ and my weight remains at 11 stone exactly. Feel free to weep!
  • Since my last post, my mission to irritate Devonians has been pursued religiously and I’m probably holding firm at about 85% irritability.
  • Since my last post, my propensity to order too many plants has increased exponentially. However, this year, I plead ignorance inasmuch as when I thought I was ordering 300 bedding plants of variety X, I failed to notice the “BOGOF” bit in the blurb and so received 600.
  • Since my last post, I have reduced the amount of alcohol I drink. Intravenous drips are wonderful things. And you don’t have to lift the glass.

Have a great Saturday folks. Stay safe. Stay well.

18 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 23 May 2020 – Roses Grow on You

  1. Welcome back stranger. 600 bedding plants is a bit excessive!!! That is an exceptionally beautiful rose you have saved front between pity bench at B and Q. Some of the leaves of my roses have taken a hell of a beating from the wind at the weekend. Please don’t leave it so long for your next blog.

    1. Thanks Paul. I’ve done a lot worse than 600 bedders in the past! Way back, I would aim to grow about 3,000 each year (I’ve sensibly shifted more to shrubs and perennials now) but often ended up with half as many again. I’m aiming to blog at least weekly for the foreseeable future. But I needed that year off I’ve just ended

  2. I suspected that you would wait a year before posting a new post. Very nice choice of roses, and thank you for your come back that many of us have been waiting for.
    How your WoodblocX beds have evolved? It will be necessary to redo a post on this subject!

    1. Thanks, Fred. The WoodBlocX things are doing well, thanks. The early ones (a..k.a. Edifice 1 and Mini-Eds 1 and 2 have undergone some replanting as, after six years (it is that long!) they needed some refreshing. The newer ones are thickening out nicely. I will be featuring them on the blog at some point but as there are seven of them in total, that’s too many for one six.

  3. Nice roses…can’t see much greenfly…you lucky person.

    1. I’ve had no greenfly problems for some years now. This may be down to the profusion of ladybirds and other aphid nibblers and the absence of chemicals.

    1. Nice to be back. One of the attractions of ‘Peace’ is that on the same plant you might achieve two or three different flower forms at the same time. The colour of the fringe may vary from very pale pink to an almost crimson (the fringe colour fades over time but this variation can be seen in newly-opened blooms). The petal pattern can also be different. So there’s lots of interest from a single plant.

    1. It’s brilliant. And you can never get drunk (in order to get drunk you first have to be sober).

    1. Thanks. At least I’ve put paid to speculation about whether I’m still growing or being composted! 😉

  4. Welcome back. You just start by making my roses look even more tardy. A couple are showing, see my blog, but there is a distinct lack of buds. Never mind, your garden looks good, as always.

    1. Thanks. One benefit of concentrating on individual flowers is that people don’t see the garden as a whole (which looks a bit embarrassing at the moment).

  5. Good to know you haven’t fallen foul of the virus.

    1. Thanks and likewise. I can keep tabs on you thanks to Anne’s blog. Surely you have some un-blogged walks up your sleeve?

  6. Who is this strange Devonian you speak of? She sounds rather wonderful, a saint almost. Lovely to have you back, although you never really left me. My first RiB flower appeared this week, although it has now gone over so didn’t feature. Just saying 😉 Love Eddie, fabulous colour, and I always like the unruly ones, as you know. x

    1. Strange? I like that word. So appropriate. I’ve actually got four RiBs now, Only that one is budding; the rest remain asleep. They may be heading for the compost bin.

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