Six on Saturday: 22 July

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Saturday’s come round again with its usual vigour. It only seems like a week ago that I was sending my last update to the interwebs.  The number of bloggers joining in is growing. You’ll ... Read More

Deffro Mae’n Dydd

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That’s Welsh, you know. Means “Awake it is the Day”. Which is sort of appropriate for Hemerocallis, aka daylilies. My “proper” daylilies have decided to wake up all of a ... Read More

Roses Grow on You

Sometimes I get a bit irritated by all the photos that people post to their blogs, Twitter and wotnot, of the latest plants in bud or full bloom in their gardens. I know that those “down Souf... Read More


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Yesterday someone, as yet un-named so he’s an anonymous “someone”, took it upon himself to try to advance some cause by killing people as Westminster became a target for his delus... Read More


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Hey, that got your attention, I bet! As spring approaches, resident bats will start their evening flyovers. Or flyarounds. I’ve got bats in my cavity (stop sniggering in the back row). Nothing too e... Read More

Mea Culpa

I’m not a fan of slug pellets. Nematodes are, generally, my friends (although there are those who suggest that if we use nematodes for anything we are upsetting the balance of nature, introducing al... Read More