Rewinding (Part 1)

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I failed last year! I mean failed! All my good intentions turned into failures. Well not all; only my blog and web site ones. I’d started fairly well and had even devised a little chain of posts... Read More


Someone I know doesn’t particularly like camellias. This may be because of their tendency to drop blooms all the time or, if you want to avoid the dropped blooms, their need for constant deadhea... Read More


On two sides of the garden, the other side of the fence is a morass of overgrowth. Brambles, hawthorn, Himalayan balsam, sycamore seedlings and all the wild things that colonise any patch of ground th... Read More

Sowing the Seed

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Up until last year (2014) I’d been a total coir freak (as regulars will know). Growing on in coir’s great but I had been mystified by reports of problems germinating seeds in coir as I’d always ... Read More

Happy new year (I hope)

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Well, here we are in 2014 and I’m glad to see the back of 2013 to be honest. What started out as a promising year ground to a sudden halt at the beginning of May when a ladder fell from under me (I ... Read More

The Beechgrove Garden

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Sometime in 2011, I discovered a BBC Scotland TV programme called “The Beechgrove Garden”. At the time, I was becoming disenchanted with Gardeners’ World on national BBC and Alan Titchmarsh’s ... Read More

Veddw through the back gate

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Why this has taken me nine months to write I don’t know. Maybe I was worried about incurring the wrath of a certain garden maker. But I realised that the aforementioned garden maker (the famous ... Read More

Happy Easter

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Well that’s the site backend rebuilt. If you’re using a PC you won’t see much difference but the site will now display a lot better on mobile devices (phones, tablets and so on). One... Read More